Hidden House, Suffolk

Hidden House, Suffolk

Hidden House is a beautiful, sustainable family home within the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The new insulated timber frame house replaced a poorly constructed 1960s dwelling on the site. Following demolition of the previous building, an off-site manufactured timber frame was erected on site. The frame was then clad on site using a bespoke blend of linear bricks from York Handmade and SiOO:X coated natural larch cladding from Russwood – click through the photo gallery below to see the construction process.

Sustainable principles were at the forefront of the design throughout, to ensure the building has as low an environmental impact as possible. The unique landscape is fundamental to the new home’s layout, materials and appearance. Two angled wings maximise views across the garden to the water, whilst sheltering key areas from the prevailing wind and summer sun. A central glazed link connects the two wings, forming the entrance and main circulation space. View more photos of the finished project here.

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